Club Level at Walt Disney World: Is it Worth it?

Club Level rooms at Walt Disney World are some of the most desirable rooms available. Are they worth the price you pay? We discuss what you get as a Disney Club Level guest and help you to decide whether Club Level is worth it for you.

Is Club Level Worth it at Walt Disney World?

Club Level rooms at Walt Disney World are available at all Disney Deluxe Resort hotels. Club Level Concierge rooms offer an enhanced upscale guest experience and a number of extra services that you simply don't get in standard Deluxe Disney hotel rooms. But are Club Level rooms at Walt Disney World worth the extra cost?

What Do You Get in Disney Club Level Rooms?

Club Level rooms at Walt Disney World offer a number of benefits and enhancements over standard Deluxe Disney hotel rooms. In Episode 12 of 1923 Main Street: A Daddy Daughter Disney Travel Podcast, we discuss each of the added benefits and why you may consider them to be worth the extra cost of the room.

What are the Benefits of Club Level Rooms at Disney World?

Some of the Disney Club Level benefits that we discuss include:
  • Exclusive locations and extra security
  • Club Level Lounge area
  • Turn down service
  • Personal Concierge service, with advance itinerary planning
  • Private check-in
  • Nicer rooms and room options and
  • Surprise perks for Club Level guests
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Listen to the full podcast episode to hear us discuss more details about Club Level accommodations at Walt Disney World.

Be Sure to Listen for the Disney Hotel Bonus Tip

In Episode 12 of our Disney World podcast, we also include a very important bonus tip for booking Disney hotel rooms, no matter where you are staying (Club Level or not). This tip can help to further improve your Disney vacation, so be sure to listen!

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