Disney MagicBand+ How it Works and is it Worth it?

Disney's new MagicBand+ is now available. What does it do? How do you set it up? Did it miss the mark? Is it worth buying MagicBand+? We take a first look at Disney's newest guest technology with our early thoughts on whether it's a hit or miss.
MagicBand+ is Here
Is it worth the hype and money?
You can now get a brand new Disney MagicBand+ for your Walt Disney World vacation. 
Is it worth getting? Do you plan to get one? Is it worth the upgrade from MagicBand 2? 

Maybe, but we think Disney really dropped the ball here. MagicBand+ has questionable value. What Disney really should have done was release a Disney smart watch. We predict that a Disney MagicBand Watch will be the next (and a better) version of this tech -- especially if it works along with Hey Disney.

In the meantime, here are the minor benefits of a Disney MagicBand+
MagicBand+ does everything your old MagicBand does:
  • Unlock the door of your Walt Disney World Resort hotel room
  • Enter any of the Disney World theme parks and water parks
  • Redeem Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane reservations
  • Charge items, including food/beverages and merchandise, to your resort room (only if staying onsite)
  • Redeem Disney Dining Plan credits
  • Link PhotoPass images to your account
How is MagicBand+ different than a regular MagicBand?
  • MagicBand+ costs more than a MagicBand
  • MagicBand+ has some limited park interactions
  • MagicBand+ has to be charged frequently 
How to set-up a new MagicBand+ and link it to your Disney account 
  1. Press the button on the back MagicBand+ to turn it on and tap the band to your phone.
  2. Open (or set-up) the My Disney Experience app.
  3. Follow the app instructions to link the MagicBand+ to your Disney account, assign it to a guest and pair it to your mobile device. App will show the band charge level and software status.
  4. Link your park tickets, reservations and more as required.
How to manage multiple MagicBands from one Disney account
  1. In the MDE app go to MagicBands and More.
  2. View your managed guests.
  3. Adjust everyone's MagicBand+ settings and options.
How to Customize your MagicBand+
  1. Find "MagicBands and More" and select “Customize Your MagicBand+”.
  2. Check that your MagicBand+ is fully charged and the software is up to date.
  3. Pick a custom light up theme.
  4. Change the vibration and motion recognition settings to what you want.
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Here's a fun fact, number 623 on the trolley stands for June 1923 when Walt first came to California. Number 717 stands for July 17, which was the opening day of Disneyland.

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Disney MagicBand+ How it Works and is it Worth it?
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