How to Celebrate Disney100 at Disney World, Plus Disney Cruise at 25

Disney100 is underway at Walt Disney World and there a ton of different ways to join in the celebrations. This story, plus Disney Cruise Line at 25 and we discuss whether Disney is overdoing it with the anniversary celebrations for just about everything.

How to Celebrate Disney100 at Walt Disney World Resort 

But is Disney Becoming Oversaturated with Anniversary Celebrations?

As the Walt Disney Company celebrates its 100th birthday, they've created a few ways to mark the occasion at Walt Disney World

See Mickey and Minnie in their Platinum Best 
EPCOT is the center of the Disney100 celebration at Walt Disney World and things will ramp later this year during the Disney100 celebration when the park overhaul is completed. As part of this, Mickey and Minnie will be available for meet and greets in their platinum attire.

Admire Special Spaceship Earth Lighting 

Spaceship Earth has some new lighting effects for Disney100.
This will include visuals from the Disney Company history, including character icons, park imagery and the Disney100 logo, all appearing in the Spaceship Earth lighting. Watch for the Wonderful World of Disney TV show opening and the Mickey-shaped balloons sold on Main Street U.S.A.

Disney100 Selfies 

Disney100 selfie backdrops will be in place in all four theme parks and Disney Springs.  

Surprise Character Visits at Disney Resort Hotels 

As the Disney100 celebration comes to life, watch for surprise visits from Disney characters at Walt Disney World hotels. They'll be wearing their special platinum outfits.

Celebrate With New Food and Drinks 

As of May 1, Disney100 treats have starting appearing, including the Petite Cake for a limited time at Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs. This has layers of vanilla chiffon, berry mousse and berry compote, all topped with a celebratory Disney100 Medallion macaron.

“The inspiration of this cake pulls from the rich purple and platinum colors used for the Disney100 celebration,” Chef Amanda shared. “The drapery on the sides of the cake represents the traditional bunting that adorns Main Street, U.S.A. for special occasions. And of course, Mickey Mouse is proudly represented on the front of the cake because as we all know: ‘It all started with a mouse.’”
This is the first on many Disney100 food items that will appear all over Walt Disney World.

Find the Perfect Disney100 Souvenir  

Disney100 merchandise is already available at Walt Disney World and the Cinderella Premium Bucket is coming back, this time with a Disney100 makeover that will be exclusive to Magic Kingdom. Stay tuned for more on when this one will debut. 


New Entertainment Coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios

As of May 14, The Edna Mode Experience returns to Disney’s Hollywood Studios as part of a reimagined Pixar Place. Here you’ll find Edna, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Frozone, and Sulley from Monsters, Inc.
Disney Cruise Line Creates Treats and Drinks for its 25th Anniversary Celebration

2023 is the 25th anniversary of Disney Cruise Line and to celebrate the entire fleet has special treats and drinks inspired by the Silver Anniversary at Sea. These will be available from May through September.

The 25th Disney Cruise Line Cupcake is a vanilla sponge cake topped with vanilla frosting, 25th chocolate décor and shimmering sprinkles. If you love chocolate and candy, the Mickey Chocolate Sphere features the 25th emblem and is filled with a variety of candy pieces. Crack it open and treat yourself.

At both Cabana’s and Marceline’s Market locations, two of the desserts will be getting a Silver Anniversary at Sea upgrade. The 3 Layer Carrot Cake with lemon frosting will be adding 25th chocolate décor and the Disney Cruise Line Anniversary Chocolate Marquise will feature rich chocolate truffle crème topped with the 25th chocolate décor as well.

At the concierge lounge, the Chocolate Cream Cookie has a dulce de leche filling inside a rich dark chocolate cookie and is decorated with the Silver Anniversary at Sea logo plus the signature shimmering sprinkles. Also in concierge, the Celebration Cupcake tops a red velvet sponge cake with vanilla frosting, shimmering sprinkles and 25th chocolate décor.

Captain Minnie is joining the anniversary festivities with the Vanilla Crisped Rice Treat offered at all Cove Café locations. 
Last but certainly not least, signature desserts throughout the entire fleet will be enhanced with the addition of a special 25th chocolate piece to their already picturesque presentation. At Palo, the classic Chocolate Soufflé with double chocolate sauce, vanilla crème anglaise, and vanilla bean gelato will also have a chocolate 25th anniversary piece.

Special bottles of Coca-Cola will be decked out in Disney Cruise Line Silver Anniversary at Sea décor. For the 21+ crown, the signature Jubilee by the Sea cocktail combines 818 Blanco Tequilla, Luxardo Marashino, and fresh lemon juice with a sparkly, silver dusting and a shimmering blue sugar rim. You'll also get a keepsake bookmark showing how to make this cocktail at home.

For purchase, there will be a Specialty Coffee Mug with a unique anniversary design featuring the Disney Cruise Line fleet and Mickey Mouse himself. Beer drinkers out there can bring home the 25th Anniversary Beer Mug etched with the anniversary logo.

And finally, you'll be able to purchase the Silver Anniversary at Sea Popcorn Bucket showcasing 25 years of Disney Ships.


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How to Celebrate Disney100 at Disney World, Plus Disney Cruise at 25
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