Exploring the Controversy of Branding in Disney Parks

Is Disney going too far in their parks with a trend to rebrand everything with Disney characters? Are all classic Disney rides and attractions at risk? Join us this week for a thought-provoking look at an unsettling trend under way in Disney Parks.

Is Too Much Disney Branding a Bad Thing?

I think so and here's why.

Obviously Disney branding is going to be prominent (if not everywhere) in Disney Parks. After all, their Intellectual Property (IP) is what fans love and what drives the Disney economic engine.

But there is an increasing threat on the horizon that ironically the new Disney IP is displacing many historic Disney Parks icons that hearken back to the original magic that was, in fact, Disney.

In Episode 66 of the Disney Travel Podcast at 1923 Main Street, we take a closer look at exactly what is happening in Disney Parks and the risks that this presents to the Disney icons that actually created the magic in the first place. Not only that, this trend is working its way into classic Disney resort hotels. We've already lost Mizner's Lounge and the Boardwalk pool slide to Disney IP. So is Disney's immersive theming now at risk to overt branding consuming all that was Disney?

Join us for a lively discussion this week on the show.

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