The Future of Walt Disney World Vacation Planning

The entire process for Walt Disney World vacation planning is changing. With all that's going on right now and with the Disney Genie planning app supposedly coming our way at some point, we explore what the future may be like for planning a Walt Disney World vacation.

What Does the Future Hold for Walt Disney World Vacation Planning?

With all that's happening in Disney Parks these days and with the Disney Genie planning app supposedly coming our way (possibly later in 2020 or even 2021), what will the Walt Disney World vacation planning process be like and how will it be different?

Walt Disney World Vacation Planning will Never Be the Same

As Disney explores new ways to manage FastPasses, dining reservations and more, several factors are impacting how the entire Disney World vacation planning process will change (and hopefully progress) in the months ahead. Covid-19 summer rules at Disney Parks are affecting Disney's FastPass+ system and dining reservations (and more) and the impending release of the all-new Disney Genie planning app is on the horizon for release in later 2020 (although this date may no longer be in play). Plus, the Park Pass has now been launched, but will this be only temporary?

With all of these factors in play, one thing we know for sure is that the current mottled process of trying to plan a Walt Disney World vacation is going to change (and hopefully for the better). The current system can be very stressful, which is something that needs to be addressed as Disney looks for ways to enhance the overall guest experience.

Pay for Play at Walt Disney World

One thing that we think may become even more prominent is the pay for play model. We expect to Walt Disney World joining other theme parks (include other resorts of their own) in offering more paid upgrade options to get more FastPasses, extra access to events and so on. Where do we stand on pay for play? Listen to the show to hear our views.

How Will the Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Process be Different?

In Episode 26 of our Disney Travel Podcast, we take a look at what the future may hold for Walt Disney World vacation planning and how the process may be drastically different than it is today. 
  • Will the Disney vacation planning process be better or worse? 
  • Will travel agents still have a prominent role in planning Walt Disney World vacations? 
  • Will the Disney Genie app fill the needs of all types of Disney travelers?
Join us for a look ahead at what the planning process might be like and what we hope to see as frequent vacationers to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

As promised in the episode, we have included a link to the official Disney announcement for the Disney Genie app from August 2019.

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