The Magic Kingdom Resort Area: Walt Disney World's Original Neighborhood

The Magic Kingdom Resort Area is the original Walt Disney World neighbourhood. Hear why it remains the premier place to stay at Walt Disney World Resort, with a rich Disney history and some of the best hotels and dining onsite.

Why the Magic Kingdom Resort Area is The Place to Stay at Walt Disney World

The Magic Kingdom Resort area is one of four neighbourhoods of Deluxe Disney Hotels at Walt Disney World Resort. As the original Disney World resort area, the Magic Kingdom Resort area holds a special place within the Vacation Kingdom of the World.

In this episode of 1923 Main Street, we discuss the history of this area and share why to this day it remains the premier location for where to stay at Walt Disney World. If you are wondering whether you should stay here on your first or next Walt Disney World vacation, we'll share why we believe the answer is a resounding yes.

The Magic Kingdom Resort area is comprised of four Deluxe Disney Resort Hotels and one Disney campground. It has two major bodies of water in Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon. It also includes three hotels that are directly on the historic Magic Kingdom monorail loop.

Hotels and Accommodations in the Magic Kingdom Resort Area Include
Plus, there are Disney Vacation Club Villas available at each of the Deluxe Disney Resort hotels.

No matter where you decide to stay in this area, being in the Magic Kingdom Resort Area offers an exceptional Walt Disney World vacation experience, from premium accommodations, to nearly endless dining options of all kinds, to some of the best recreational activities and special events that you will find anywhere at Disney World. Not to mention, Disney's Magic Kingdom Park -- the authentic original WDW theme park -- is easily accessible from any resort in the Magic Kingdom Resort Area.

More Disney Hotels Are on the Horizon

Currently under construction, Disney's Reflections Resort will be a new addition to the Bay Lake area. What impact will this have on the current guest experience? Only time will tell, but we discuss the potential impacts and more in this episode of our Disney Travel Podcast.

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Listen to the complete episode to hear all the details of why the Magic Kingdom Resort area is the place to be at Walt Disney World.

Magical Moments and Disney Travel Etiquette Faux Pas

In this episode, we also launch a new feature where we share a Magical Moment or Disney travel etiquette faux pas during the episode. Listen for the special sounds that alert you to what's coming.

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