10 Puzzling Things About Disney Parks

Not everything at Disney Parks is perfect or makes good sense. In Episode 35 we cover 10 puzzling things at Disney Parks in Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris. This is "Things that make you go hmmm..." Disney Parks Edition.

Things That Make You Go Hmm... Disney Parks Edition

While the differentiating quality about Disney Parks is the Imagineering attention to detail, not everything about Disney Parks makes perfect sense. Sometimes, Disney Imagineers just plain get it wrong and sometimes there are other factors at play beyond their control.

10 Very Odd and Puzzling Things About Disney Parks

From Turkey Legs, to non-sensical lines, to hair elastics and popcorn prices at Disneyland Paris, we cover 10+ things about Disney Parks that really make us scratch our heads every time we visit. What the what?! Sometimes Disney Parks just don't make sense.

Sometimes Disney Imagineers Just Plain Get it Wrong

Join us for a little tongue-in-cheek fun in Episode 35 of 1923 Main Street: the Daddy Daughter Disney Travel Podcast. 30 minutes of Disney Magic every week.

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