Welcome to 1923 Main Street

Meet your hosts, the daddy and daughter Disney travel team of Mike and Amelia Belobradic. Plus, to get the ball rolling, we each name our favorite Disney resort hotel, park, attraction, restaurant and snack.

Welcome to 1923 Main Street®: A Daddy Daughter Disney Travel Podcast

In this first episode of 1923 Main Street, get to know a little about your hosts: Mike Belobradic and Amelia Belobradic. As a dad and daughter Disney travel podcast team, Mike and Amelia share opinions and information about Disney travel based on their decades of experience of regular Disney vacations (50+ years for Mike and 10+ years for 11-year-old Amelia). You'll also learn what the 1923 Main Street name means and how it was created.

About Your Hosts: Mike Belobradic and Amelia Belobradic

Since Walt Disney World first opened in 1971, Mike has taken over 100 Walt Disney World vacations from his home in Toronto, Canada -- that's multiple weeks spent onsite at Disney resort hotels every year since 1971. At age 11, Amelia is approaching 30 Walt Disney World vacations and is well on a pace to outdo her dad (not that they compete at all, or anything...). In addition to Walt Disney World, Mike and Amelia also travel to and discuss Disneyland Resort, Disney Vacation Club resorts, Disneyland Paris and more. For three weeks each year, they're hopping on a plane to visit Disney destinations far and wide. The perspective at 1923 Main Street is from a vacationers point of view, not as a local who visits the parks (but does not stay in resort hotels or view their visits as vacations).

In addition to introducing themselves and a little bit of background information, Mike and Amelia begin to share a little about their respective points of view. You'll hear how each of them answer the following questions related to Disney vacations:
  1. Favorite Disney Resort Hotel
  2. Favorite Disney Park
  3. Favorite Disney Attraction
  4. Favorite Disney Restaurant
  5. Favorite Disney Snack
Will their answers be the same? Tune in to find out. Plus, since Mike prepared these questions, Amelia surprised Mike with an unexpected sixth question. You'll definitely want to hear how that went!

Amelia and I Thank You for Listening

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